Pilamiyelo (Thank You) for wanting to learn more about how you can support the Veteran’s Sweat Lodge at American lake Hospital. Your help is welcome and needed.

As Native Americans ( Indigenous peoples) we here at American Lake have been called by Spirit. Our Council is primarily comprised of Native Veterans. It was a vision that brought us to American Lake to serve, in yet another capacity, that of offering a place of healing.

To be honest, we are older veterans, and this leaves us limited in time and funding.

So, to keep our scheduled lodges available, we have decided to provide a donation opportunity for those who choose to support fellow veterans, in what ever capacity they would like.

Donation Opportunities
Q: What will the donations be used for?
A: All donation funds will be used exclusivly for lodge related
supplies and materials.

• Supplying Fire Wood
• Replacing Blankets and their Laundering
• Chainsaw Replacement and Sharpening
• Maintenance of Equipment
• Food and Water, ect.

Whether you choose to donate or not…

For more information please contact;

Marty Martinez >>>—> Point of contact 
Council Member (Comanche)
360-943-5087 / 9537

Please Note: This page is Not intended for solicitation. IT IS strickly intended for those who would like to share the path, thank you.

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