Welcome… You have a place in this circle.

If you are attending a sweat at American Lake, please bring appropriate sweat lodge attire; For MEN; Shorts and Tee shirt along with a towel, and for WOMEN; a non-revealing dress or gym style sweat pants and a non-revealing top along with a towel. Water is provided on site but you are welcome to bring something additional for yourself.

If you are attending a Talking Circle at American Lake, both Men and Women are welcome and normal street attire is appropriate. Also, we often have a small potluck after the Talking Circle so feel free to bring a small contribution of food or drink.

Below is a Schedule of Sweat Lodge times, Talking Circle times, and Veteran Events with members of the Veteran’s Sweat Lodge Elder Council in attendance. NOTE: Please check this schedule often for updates.

October – December 2022 Schedule:

We will be taking a break from all ceremony in recognition of a much needed healing period. To resume in January of 2023

>>>>VIEW PDF of DIRECTIONS to VA Sweatlodge at American Lake Hospital – Lakewood Washington..VA-Sweatlodge-map

To Contact Us:

Marty Martinez >>>—> Point of contact 
Council Member (Comanche)
360-943-5087 / 9537

NOTE: We are pleased with the growing interest and participation. As we grow we will be revising our schedule. Please check schedule often for updates.

Thank you, Native Veteran’s Council

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